Airflo Super-Flo River/Stream

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Airflo Super-Flo River/Stream

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  • Dry flies and other small flies can require delicate presentations in more technical fisheries or where fish are easily spooked.
  • The SuperFlo River & Stream features our most tried-and-true presentation taper design.  With its long, delicate front taper, and extended rear taper, you’re ready to gently lay the smallest dry flies out on short and long casts.
  • Available in 3wt to 6wt, the SuperFlo River & Stream is ready for any size stream or trout.

Includes welded front loop

Tip & Front Taper:  The extended front taper and delicate tip deliver even the smallest dry flies without spooking the fish.

Belly:  The 16′ belly provides enough body to give the head enough length to reach out on longer casts.

Rear Taper:  The 10′ rear taper helps carry the head on longer casts, keeping it stable enough to still land without a crash.

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